Sinusitis :- Apply crescent –type of magnets on both sides of nose and also on painful area. Magnetising Water Magnetised water is beneficial for drinking or for bath or shower water. You may simply leave the water overnight in a glass container on top of a strong magnet; select the north or south-pole according to your needs. If you are not sure, you may drink north-pole-treated water and south-pole- treated water on alternating days. Experiment and observe. A much better effect is achieved with flowing water. You may attach a magnet to a non-magnetic part of the shower or drinking water outlet, and bathe in magnetised water. However, for the strongest effect lead the water tangentially into a funnel, so that it forms a vortex. Then attach a strong magnet of the desired polarity to the lower part or outlet of the funnel. Magnetised water is also excellent for gardening and farming, attaching a strong magnet to the sprinkler or outlet of a garden hose. Tests have shown plant to increase up to more than 100% in yield. For growth enhancement use the north-pointing pole, and to discourage diseases the south-pointing pole.

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