Swami Chinmayananda Ji

 Swami menon in ernakulam ,kerala in noble and aristocratic family.chimyananda was born in 8th may 1916 to parakutti and kuttan menon in ernakulam, kerla in a noble and an aristrocratic family.He was named balkrishnan menon at his childhood . when he was five year old he lost his mother,and after death his father remarried.

His early boyhood days he is very intelligent and also he have a great sence of humor. He studied in a English modern school where he learnt malyalam and Sanskrit.

In every evening balan’s family gathered for bhajan sandhya’s and satsang, but at the same time during puja session he close his eye’s and try to imagine the image of lord shiva in his mind. He would then open His eyes to gaze at the image for minute details and shut His eyes until His mental visualization matched accurately with the picture. In the later years of His life, this game helped Him to call upon the form of the Lord in His

In 1940, Balan joined the Lucknow University to do His graduation in English and Law. He was a member of the literary club, debating club and acted in dramas. He was an active person in the campus. His sensitive nature drew Him to the struggle of Indian Independence. He worked for the country’s cause writing and distributing leaflets, organizing public strikes and delivering speeches which introduced Him to the dungeons of the prison cells.

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