Swami Falhari ji Maharaj

His holiness Param Pujya Swami Shri Kaushlendra Prapannacharya Falahari ji Maharaj, the President of Shri Madusudhan Vedic Sanskriti Paryavaran Sansthan, left his house in the early age of twenty to take the priceless guru deeksha from parmarthratn shri swami madhusudhanacharya ji maharaj who is himself a president of asharfi bhavan ayodhya and acharya of ramanujam sampradaya.

After that he went to Amarkantak for the meditation as per the order of guruji, near the bank of holy river narmada where he did the very first Vishnu mahayagya. He meditate over there without eating any food, he just take fruits,cow’s milk and ganga jal during his meditation. In 1989, he did the second yagya in Badrika Aashram and third yagya in his own karmbhumi Alwar(Rajsthan) which is located in talhati of Aravali parvat. As per the demand of thier bhakts, he has done Shrimadbhagvat katha andValmiki Ramayan Katha more than hundread times in all over India.

All the bhakts who listen his kathas and pravachans,become fantasaised by his expressive way of pravachan. He went to Nepal to participate in Hindu Booddha Sammelan which was arranged by Vishv Hindu Parishad and ICRL combinedly. As per the Invitation of Sanyukta Rashtriya Sangh, he also went to Newyork(America) to participate in Vishav Dharm Sammelan.

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